Count-down to start making it

I have since uploaded a counter on the Blog, don’t know if you have noticed. I’m on a mission, I have set a goal - before I turn the big three zero, I need to have made a million rand. Plain simple I want to be a Millionaire. This whole idea was sparked when I was at bookshop and I missed an opportunity of buying a book titled “ Make your First Million before you turn 30” unknown author.

By having the counter here on my Blog is like having a reminder that everything I do from now on, must count and bring in the money. I want, apart from assertes, a million in my back account or in different places like you always see in the movies. The hustler/thug will have money stashed everywhere.

Friends, wish me luck and hope you help me get my first million as I cant do it without your help. The clock is ticking.