fun on the rooftop

Having fun on the rooftop of the new water front mall in Bloemfontein. We were taking pictures of the opposite building.

Annual Reports

I have been designing annual reports (3) for the past month, and it’s a drag. Working with government people is an experience, that if you make it, you live to tell stories about for rest of your working career. Firstly they give incomplete content for a 200 pager and you have a day (8 working hours but for a designer its 24 working hours) to do it. After spending sleepless nights they come back with updated/corrected content, and to them it’s just a click of a button to update the content.

I think we should have a workshop for clients (government clients) to take them through the process of working with creative/production people. Educate them on the different steps we take to get to the final product. Or may be lady luck was not on my side, and I ended up with the departments that know little about the design process.