Creative Agents/Managers

You know how athletes, musician and models have managers and agents who take care of their needs and getting them contracts and sponsorships. I wonder if there are agents for creative/designers. I mean we (creatives) are also talent worth investing in and taken care, to see to it that we get the right deal. Sorry to say this, but, creatives are even better investments unlike your 'blond models', as we have the brains to talk about and represent your brand.

I have seen good designers that get raw deals and are exploited. Some don’t know their own potential. Creatives don’t need to worry about negotiating contracts; they need to concentrate all their energies on creative and creating solution. The only creative that I know that’s well taken of is Joshua Davis. Brands like BMW want to be associated with him. He is becoming a brand, like he said once: “ I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man”(from some insert on the net). And then comes unpaid pitches/tenders. Where we (creatives) spend a great deal of time and efforts to pitch and never get rewarded. I’m not even going to waist my breath on this one.

If there are agents for creatives, please come forward and make your services available.

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